Dedicated Medicaid Planning

In Illinois, the Department of Human Services has the right to review all transfers an individual has made for 60 months prior to the date of an application for public assistance through the State’s Long-Term Care Medical program. To qualify for assistance, an individual is limited to $2,000.00 in non-exempt assets, $30.00 per month in income, and $1,500.00 in life insurance. For more on Medicaid planning in Benton, IL, and other legal services, contact our law firm today.

Fortunately, there are ways to plan for even the most critically disabled individuals who are on the brink of needing full-time nursing assistance at a long-term care facility. William Bryce Levanti, Attorney at Law, can advise clients and family members about how the Department of Human Services distinguishes between exempt and non-exempt resources. We also help to properly allocate resources between income and assets so that the client’s nursing home costs are met while preserving a legacy for loved ones.

Our team has experience assisting spouses who remain at home, so the cost of nursing home care does not drive them into poverty. We can help the healthy spouse preserve the income and the resources they need to be able to continue to live in the community.

Contact us to discuss your situation with our medical planning lawyer. We assist individuals throughout Southern Illinois.