Dedicated Medicaid Planning in Benton, IL

In Illinois, transfers made in the previous 60 months before applying for public assistance through the state’s Long-Term Care Medical program are eligible for review by the Department of Human Services. To qualify for assistance, individuals are limited to $2,000 in non-exempt assets, $30 per month in income, and $1,500 in life insurance. Our firm is a source for much more information on Medicaid planning in Benton, IL, and other legal services – we are ready to help. 

For even the most critically disabled individuals who are close to needing full-time nursing care at a long-term care facility, there are many ways to prepare an effective plan. William Bryce Levanti, Attorney at Law, advises clients and family members about how the Department distinguishes between exempt and non-exempt resources in addition to handling Medicaid crisis planning. He also helps to properly allocate resources between income and assets so that the client’s nursing home costs are met while preserving a legacy for loved ones.

Mr. Levanti also has expertise in assisting healthy spouses who are living at home to preserve income and resources, so they do not get driven into poverty by the costs of nursing care for their spouse. This support allows the healthy spouse to continue to live in the community.

Supportive and Effective Medicaid Planning in Benton, IL

The best way to handle most situations is to have a plan in place before you need to call upon it, that way you know what to do when the time comes. This applies to many cases in life from home to work to health; it’s particularly helpful for Medicaid planning in Benton, IL.

The skills of an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer, such as William Bryce Levanti, Attorney at Law, are what you can depend upon to craft a plan which is viable and helps you access the resources you need. He helps you learn how to qualify for benefits while preserving some of your assets.

The services Mr. Levanti provides are useful in advance of your application. He helps with the preparation and filing of the paperwork, so it is completed to your best advantage within the regulations.

Support When Time is Tight

There are times when it’s not possible to undertake pre-planning. For those situations, Mr. Levanti also is the correct choice for Medicaid crisis planning. This assistance helps you preserve at least some of your assets to keep them from being quickly reduced through the demands of the high cost of long-term care. Turn to him for support when time is an issue.

Contact Mr. Levanti for support and assistance when dealing with planning for Medicaid. He proudly serves clients in Benton, West Frankfurt, Christopher, Sesser, Du Quoin, and all of Southern Illinois.


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