Reliable Guardianship Attorney in Benton, IL

Life is full of complex, important decisions. But the cognitively impaired are unable to make these important decisions on their own. In this instance, a guardianship attorney in Benton, IL, can be a vital resource. Mr. Levanti has nearly two decades of courtroom experience procuring guardianships for family members who have a loved one with a disability.

Guardianship Attorney in Benton, IL


Mr. Levanti has years of experience litigating guardianship matters across Southern Illinois. He has secured guardianship for loved ones – usually an adult child or spouse - over disabled individuals who do not have the ability to care for themselves.  

Mr. Levanti is proficient at guardianship practice, including the need to consult with treating physicians, obtaining the required medical documentation to reflect the inability of the disabled individual to make appropriate healthcare or property decisions, and procuring emergency adult guardianships – in some cases in a matter of hours. 

Mr. Levanti has handled numerous guardianship matters through trial, conferring with the Court appointed guardian ad litem regarding the best interests of the disabled person, conducting documentary discovery, and oral pre-trial depositions, to procure the necessary evidence to be successful at trial.  After the plenary guardianship is established, Mr. Levanti assists guardians to prepare and submit annual reports reflecting the current physical and financial condition of the disabled individual.


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