Family Law in Benton, IL


Are you looking to add to your family? Adopting a child can be a very joyous and exciting experience for all parties involved. Amanda Levanti would love to be a part of this positive experience in your life. Contact Levanti Law today for a consultation for family law in Benton, IL, to discover how we can help navigate you through the adoption process.


Going through a divorce is an emotional time for all the parties involved. With Amanda Levanti on your side, you will not be facing this process alone. Contact Levanti Law today to schedule a consultation.

Child Custody / Visitation

When you are facing child custody or visitation disputes, turn to Levanti Law for guidance. Amanda Levanti has the knowledge and expertise to guide you through these emotional issues. Don’t let your separation damage the relationship you have with your child. At Levanti Law, we are here to help you through your difficult situation.

Child Support

Child support laws can be difficult to understand and based on complex calculations. There may also be times when an individual's circumstances change and therefore a modification of child support may be needed. Amanda Levanti can help guide you through these child support laws and help you get a modification of child support if circumstances warrant it. Contact Levanti Law today for a consultation.